Filling out this form with PLENTY of CORRECT information isn’t just something you can do to help the production department…THIS IS AN ESSENTIAL PART OF YOUR JOB.  You are the one and only thing between the Production people and the client.  Please do everything you can to keep the production staff from redoing and redoing commercials.  Sure, redo’s are going to happen, but they should never happen because you were simply too lazy to provide enough correct information.

Writing things like “make it catchy” or “do your magic” or “make a good one” or, my all time favorite “come up with something that stands out” isn’t helpful.  Copy points should include the theme of the ad, the location, CORRECT store hours, the offer, the unique selling proposition and others.  However, not all ads will have all of that information.  Please specify what information the client mandates for their ad.

Thank you very much.  We are all in this together.  We all want the same thing here…growth for our clients and sales growth for our company because of the value we represent to our clients.